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SELECTED WORKS (games, writing, research)

No Stars, Only Constellations (game)

Short stargazing game about breaking-up and the possibility of advanced alien life in the universe. (September 2016)

Radiator 2 (game, triptych)

Revamped threesome of past games Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, and Stick Shift, "remastered in HD" for a grand debut on Steam. (June 2016)

Cobra Club (game)

Photo studio game about body image, privacy, and dick pics. Take pictures, pose your junk, chat with fellow members. (May 2015, remastered April 2016)

Radiator 1 (standalone mod)

Experimental single player Source Engine mod about stargazing, gay divorcing, and Emily Dickinsoning. (July 2009, remastered October 2015)

Rinse and Repeat (game)

Male shower simulator about punctuality and submission. Give this hunk a helping hand... but only when he says so. (September 2015)

Stick Shift (game)

Short driving game about pleasuring a gay car and bringing it to climax. Manual transmission as activist autoerotica. (April 2015)

Succulent (game)

Small 2-4 minute game about watching a dude slowly / erotically stick a thing in his mouth. An homage to late homo-hop. (January 2015)

Hurt Me Plenty (game)

Short motion-control game about consent, kink, and spanking the hell out of this dude. Get on your goddamn knees! (December 2014)

Intimate, Infinite (game)

Short single player first person about gardening, chess, history, infinity, and a murder. Inspired by the short story "Garden of Forking Paths" (August 2014)

Chandelier (small game)

Short game inspired by Sia's hit pop song "Chandelier", made in two hours for's "One Hit Wonder" game pageant. (July 2014)

"Forced Movement" (criticism)

A page on corridors and hallways in games, and how they play with space and time, for the Rem Koolhaas bookset "Elements of Architecture" (June 2014)

Level With Me, vol. 2 (journalism / small game)

Collaborative interview project for Rock Paper Shotgun, culminating in an adventure game about clawing through multiple worlds. (December 2013)

A People's History of the FPS (criticism)

3-part essay series on the Doom WAD, the Half-Life mod, and the engine-agnostic postmod, at Rock Paper Shotgun. (September 2012)

Souvenir (game)

(unfinished) First person platformer about fragmented identity; collab with Ben Norskov, Mohini Dutta, Arca. (May 2012)

Level With Me, vol. 1 (journalism / Portal 2 mod)

Collaborative interview project for Rock Paper Shotgun, culminating in an avant-garde Portal 2 level about authorship. (Dec 2011)

Apollo 2 (small game)

First person poem about death in space. Made for the 0 hour jam in only "zero hours", due to daylight savings time rolling back. (November 2011)

Super Cult Tycoon 2 (game)

Silly single player tycoon / tower defense game about religion and money in Colorado; made in one month. A collaboration with Eddie Cameron. (October 2011)

Butte, Montana. 1973 (board game)

Experimental board game on open-pit mining and organized labor. A box of dirt that uses chemical reactions to pollute and destroy itself. (March 2011)

"Dragon Age, first game about gay marriage" (criticism)

Essay at Kotaku about how player-side modding to add a gay male context can radically transform an authored game narrative. (2010)

Anomalous Materials (remake mod)

Level design, art, scripting for Black Mesa Source, a fan-remake of Half-Life 1 in Source Engine. Most of my work / ideas remain intact in the final version. (2008-2009)

this is what he looks likeRobert Yang is an indie game developer and part-time academic in New York City. He regularly teaches games at NYU Game Center at New York University, IDM at NYU Poly School of Engineering, and MFADT at Parsons School for Design. He has given talks about games at GDC, IndieCade, Queerness and Games Conference, and Games for Change. He holds a BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley, and an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School for Design.

You can reach him on Twitter at @radiatoryang or e-mail him at yang robert w {at} gmail {dot} com