Technical support for Robert Yang's games

If you have trouble playing one of the games listed here, then check this page for common problems and workarounds. Sorry for any inconvenience.

General troubleshooting for all games

General Installation and Launching

Most problems can be solved by using the official app for automated installation and launching, especially on macOS where the app knows how to negotiate access with the OS.

But if you downloaded it manually from, then:

  1. Unzip all files, keep any folder structures intact. (on Mac: do not use a third-party tool like Keka, instead use the built-in Archive Utility to help prevent corruption during decompression)
  2. WINDOWS: Double-click on the unzipped ".exe"
    MAC: Move ".app" out of the /Downloads/ folder (e.g. to the /Applications/ folder) and then double-click on it.
  3. Turn up your sound, and use your mouse / trackpad to play.

Windows: "SmartScreen" pop-up

  1. Click "More Info"
  2. Then click "Run Anyway"

MacOS: "unidentified developer" error pop-up

  1. Ctrl+click or right-click on the app and select Open.
  2. You'll get another pop-up... then press Open again!
  3. (WHY? Newer versions of MacOS limit access to apps that don't notarize / pay fees to Apple. It's literally called "Gatekeeper", and you can choose whether to disable it or not.)

MacOS: "The application... can't be opened" error pop-up

MacOS: "You do not have permission to open the application..." error pop-up

System requirements

If your system was manufactured within the last 5 years, it's probably OK to run my games. If your system does not meet these requirements, then the game may not work, or it may perform slowly / poorly. Sorry.

If the game runs slowly / poorly

Play the game at a smaller screen resolution, or set the game's quality settings to "Low Quality." If you have switchable graphics on your laptop, make sure you enable your discrete graphics GPU.

Also, plug in your laptop to an electrical outlet. When running only on the battery, many laptops switch to a lower performance "battery-saver" mode. That makes the game run slowly.

If the game closes immediately or the screen is black

Download and install the latest nVidia GeForce GPU drivers -- or ATI / AMD Radeon GPU drivers. If you're not sure which GPU you have, search the internet to find out how.

This could also be an OpenGL graphics rendering bug, especially on certain versions of Mac OS X and Linux.

  1. If the game is open, then close it.
  2. Restart the game... but immediately after you double-click the game icon, hold [ALT] (Windows) or [OPTION] (Mac OS X). Timing is crucial!
  3. If it worked, you will now see the debug config dialog, which looks like this. Now try these options to see if any of them work:
    • play in "Windowed" mode
    • play in "Low Quality" mode
    • play in full screen mode at native resolution

What if I tried everything here already?

Try deleting the game and re-downloading it + re-installing it. Maybe the download got corrupted, or a moth flew into your circuit board.

Help with specific games

[SPOILER] Stick Shift: the game state is stuck between fifth and sixth gear

Please play Stick Shift HD packaged with Radiator 2 instead, where this input bug has been fixed. Sorry.

Cobra Club: the bathroom walls are missing and my dick turned into a disco ball

Please update to Cobra Club HD, where this shader bug has been fixed. Sorry.

Contact me

If you have tried all the workarounds and fixes on this page, then feel free to e-mail me. Please allow a few days for me to respond.

Please include information about your computer (operating system, RAM, graphics card type) as well as info about the game (where did you download it from? what version is it?) and as much information about the technical problem as possible (videos and screenshots are great!)

If you are playing any of my games with an options menu, a lot of your computer's technical information will be displayed in the lower-left of the screen. Including a screenshot of the options screen would help me a lot.

It also helps me greatly if send me the game's log file as well, which can be found (approximately) in these locations:

When you've gathered as much of this information as possible, e-mail me at yang(dot)robert(dot)w(at)gmail(dot)com.

Thank you for taking the time to conscientiously report bugs. Most game bugs generally go unreported, but still affect many users. Because I'm just one random dude, I can't afford to run my own QA testing lab, so I must heavily rely on players like you to tell me if anything is going wrong.